Stardust Studios launches revamped site

Our friends over at Stardust Studios, a design-driven bi-coastal U.S. creative production company have redone their site. The original site launched at in 2005, which was designed by founder/CD Jake Banks and developed by Joshua Davis Studios. Among the original site's honors, it was named the Favourite Website Awards Site of the Day in 2006, and earned the 2005 Tween Award for Best Reel. After gaining global attention with a redesigned site in 2007, and since then riding a phenomenal wave of developments to deliver new work for major agencies and brands every week, today Jake and his colleagues are very proud to reveal the latest Stardust website... where again Jake was the creative director, but this time, the site's development was handled by Santa Monica-based nineindustries.

"The new is purely a visual site," Jake says. "Compared with our previous version, this site focuses more on movement and functionality, and aims to give visitors a unique visual experience that will heighten the creativity in each spot we present."

"We knew we had our work cut out for us when it came to balancing Stardust's exacting visual standards with a smooth and immersive user experience," adds Nishith Bhatt, CEO of nineindustries. "The endless wall's constant background video rendering did call for some innovative solutions from our team, but we think the end result reflects the sense of infinite imaginative possibility that Stardust achieves in their work. We're also glad that the site we've created is scalable and will grow with the client."

Among the site's three menu options (the other two lead to the company's "LIBRARY" and to a "CONTACT" page), by clicking "REEL," you'll find a new montage reel featuring some of Stardust's most recent hits.

Or check out the reel here by clicking on the image below:

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