Streakers On The Run in Ads

During a children's TV show on ITV in the UK, an Irn-Bru advert showed a group of male and female streakers with thier naughty bits pixelated who attack a misbehaving policeman on the football pitch and rip off his clothes while a man in the stands enjoys his Irn-Bru.

The Advertising Standards Authority criticised the broadcast for showing the advert for Irn-Bru on its Saturday daytime chart show, CD:UK, hosted by Cat Deeley.

The ASA has stated that the ad can now only be shown after 9pm.
Screen shots from the advert- which can be viewed at Irn-Bru's website (click on the "p" in the lower right corner and then on ads.)

But this isn't the first streaker advert or marketing ploy. Far from it. Read more to take a trip down memory lane.

Jump into the way back machine and in 2001 you'll find an ad directed by Kevin Smith for a fitness center using a naked man. Sure, this might not be the start of the footie streakers, but it's got plenty of pixilation. (SuperAdGrunts, click on images to view the spots.)

Yard Fitness Centers - Coverage (2001) - 0:30 (USA)

In 2002, Vodaphone paid two streakers to don their logo and nothing else and run on to the pitch during a New Zealand and Australia rubgy match.

In the following year, Nike created an ad of a streaker running out on a football pitch in the middle of the game, which some moms got huffy about.

Nike Shox – More Go (2003) 0:60 (US)

For the 2003 Super Bowl, ABC did a homage to the streaker spot.

ABC - Nike Streaker Homage (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

And then there was the Terry Tate spoof spot done shortly there after.

Reebok - Terry Tate - Streak This, Baby! USA (0:30)

In 2004,, an online casino, had their infamous "big event" streaker Mark Roberts (link not safe for work), do a streak on the field during the Super Bowl at the start of the third quarter. With the whole "nipplegate" incident at halftime, most people probably were so distracted that they forgot about it. This was the sixth event Roberts had streaked at for the company. Others included the US Open and Figure Skating Championships.

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