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Subway in Germany depict 'twin towers" on trayliners

How do you remind people that Subway is the 'healthy' lunch alternative in countries where no Jared ever dieted with them?

Easy, make lots of tray liners, advertising the film Super size me, depicting an obese Statue of Liberty holding a packet of freedom fries, showing a giant fatty hamburger crushing twin towers as panicked citizens run away. Top it off with the headline "Why are Americans so fat?" and you're ready to cause controversy. (read more to see images)

Attack of the 50-foot hamburger, or Hambzilla? Some people think it looks like the twins towers of the world trade center NYC, 'cause there was like five of them. Riiight. The National Legal and Policy Center were not amused, Ken Boehm, Chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center said "Americans deserve to know about SUBWAY’S campaign to insult us abroad and to attack our national symbols." Mon Dieu! La Statue de la Liberté, je pense que la robe est trop petite pour vous. Blame the Belgians for inventing yummy fries.... ;)

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Sheesh. Well, if Subway in Germany wants to include a toy with their kiddie meal, they could use this onehttp://www.cnn.com/2004/US/South/08/27/911.toy.ap/index.html

deeped's picture

How stupid? Is it a revenge for the WII?

And with the toy in the other comment a conspiratory mind like mine is starting to wonder if this is a sort of subconscious terrorism...

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Do you guys seriously think the Blob/Godzilla homage burger looks like it's attacking the (five) twin towers???? Don't even get me started on the hysteria over that stupid toy.

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As if the US has never used stereotypes of other nations or their icons to push its products... come now, these are attempts at humor based around the way most Europeans see Americans. They may not be in particularly good taste, but sometimes that's a part of the humor.

AnonymousCoward's picture

As a not-thin american, I think it's funny.

If we want other countries to stop calling us fat, there's one really good way to do that: Lose some freakin' weight.

And those are so not the twin towers.

deeped's picture

I'm not believin' anything. I'm just having fun inside my bunker :)

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No they are'nt. And the burger has too little green being a islamic marture...

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Despite my sardonic gags: I think it's pretty stupid. Not that I'm feeling "oh no they are making fun of 9/11" or "the statue of Lib is holy" but rather - look yourself in the mirror. German food isn't directly the slim type of feeding and the pale fat German man is still evident at beaches all over the world. It feels more like the hiking on the "forbid-fast-food-because-Americans-are-bad-and-McDonald's-is-American"-train than did start to huff n puff just after that the invasion of Iraq did fail.

kidsleepy's picture

britain is quickly catching up to us in weight. it'll spread to the continent before long. enjoy it while you can! soon the whole world will be plus-sized. mmmmmhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

troymcclure's picture

I can't see how anyone could possibly take offense to the plus-sized Statue of Liberty.

The skyscrapes collapsing in flames and clouds of dust, on the other hand - well, even if they aren't literal representations of the Twin Towers, it's still stunningly insensitive.

What's truly disturbing, however, is how crude the illustrations are. They make Ernie Bushmiller look like Frank Frazetta.