Super Bowl XLIV Ad Review - First Quarter

Here we go! That's right. It's game on for the in-game ads. Let's hope we see some winners tonight in the Ad Bowl. If only it's as epic as the Super Bowl intro with Jay-Z. Maybe next year they'll give a trophy to the best ad as well. ;) Based on what we've seen so far, maybe we need to call it the Trite Bowl. (ads will be filled in as we post them)

First Quarter:
Bud Light - :30 sec - Dude builds a whole house out of beer cans.
Review: @caff Typical Bud Light spot. Not very funny, it's like they tried too hard to be funny and failed.
@Dabitch yeah, it's very Bud Light. Like the beer, leaves no residue.

Mars/Snickers - :30 titled "Game" from BBDO New York features television icons Betty White and Abe Vigoda.
Review: @caff Gotta love Betty White. Another good ad as expected for the brand, but is it Super Bowl worthy?
@Dabitch I was watching everyone on twitter laughing at this, suspecting they were all really drunk.

Focus on the Family - :30 controversial spot features 2007 Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother Pam.
Review: @caff Tebow tackles mom. Best part of it - to get her to shut up. Lame spot matter what your point of view.
@Dabitch THIS is what the hubub was about? That MoveOn ad CBS rejected in 2004 was a million miles better. Charlie Fisher was ROBBED.

Hyundai Motor - Sonata - :30 by Innocean Worldwide Americas, Irvine, CA titled "Paint"

Review: @caff Meh.
@Dabitch That VO could scratch my back though. With his voice.

Boost Mobile - :30 by 180 Los Angeles with players from the 1985 championship Chicago Bears, including Jim McMahon, Willie Gault and Mike Singletary, re-creating their "Super Bowl Shuffle" song-and-dance routine. Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Warp@Paydirt directed.
Review: @caff Not awful, but not amazing. Cute but not hilarious. Tease to see more online. Maybe that's why? Also, it's borrowed interest from something that was already done. And, yes, that's the point, but still.
@Dabitch no no no, that went from being bad to be a good bad to falling straight into the bad bad hole of suck.

Doritos - :30 sec - Crash the Super Bowl contest winner. "Dog Collar" Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.
Review: @caff Dog attacks owner. Righto. Haven't we seen something like this before?
@Dabitch ....yeah, like in a Bud ad previous superbowl years?

Universal Pictures - :30 by in-house agency for "Robin Hood"

Doritos - :30 sec - Second place in Crash the Super Bowl airs. Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.
Review: @caff Kid kick's boyfriend's butt about taking his Doritos and dating his Momma...please. Trite!
@Dabitch Ima gonna let you finish son, you're the cutest kid ever, but this ad idea is the lamest of all time. Of all time!

Bud Light - :30 - Asteroid attack, astronomers drink bud.
Review: @caff Ok. Righto. Lame.
@Dabitch right, so the world is going to end, and you're going to spend it drinking that stuff?

Coca-Cola - :60 titled "Hard Times" by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland. Produced by animation studio Film Roman and Gracie Films features C. Montgomery Burns and other Simpsons characters.
Review: @caff Points for 3D and spider pig!! Simpsons fans rejoice.
@Dabitch ........ Meh. I must have reincarnated into Smithers as it does nothing for me. Except make me crave Butterfinger. Anyone have a butterfinger? - :30 titled "Massage" by GoDaddy Productions (in-house) featuring Danica Patrick getting rubbed down.
Review: @caff Lameness per usual. What else would you expect.
@Dabitch *holds hands over ears, shuts eyes closed* LA LALALALALALALALALALALALALA oh fuck off you sexist shits.

Doritos - :30 sec - Third place in Crash the Super Bowl airs. Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.
Review: @caff Coffin filled with Doritos. Alrighty.
@Dabitch The funny here is that it pissed off some christians since the director is a pastor.

Bud Light - :30 sec - Guys' voices take on a strange tone.
Review @caff Autotune the ad. Interns surfing the net for ideas on this one? - :30 titled "Fiddling Beaver" from BBDO/New York and directed by MJZ's Tom Kuntz features a fiddling beaver who is trying to find exactly where he best fits in the workplace. Drives to where visitors can have fun with the beaver and create a personalized video where they select what kind of music the animal plays and can add images of their choosing.
Review: @caff Not sure I got the connection to the brand with this.
@Dabitch perhaps when the Beaver grows up he wants to be a monster.

Universal Pictures - :30 by in-house agency for "The Wolfman"

Bridgestone - :30 "Whale of a Tale" by Richards Group, Dallas and directed by MJZ's Dante Ariola.
Review: @caff Huh? I guess not having seen the Bachelor Party I missed the gag in this spot.
@Dabitch Hehehe. This is better than the other one they did this year. But for the love of God Bridgestone, stop seeding teasers! I knew that line was coming from the first teaser. "mad dash with a killer whale in the car", yeah so how did it get there. I know, Bachelor party. Ba-dum-tish.

Skechers 2 - :15 sec featuring Joe Montana and consumer testimonials about the Shape-Ups athletic shoe.
Review: @caff I guess eyeballs over creative ad won here.
@Dabitch *facepalm* - :60 titled "Timothy Richman" that continue its ’Confidence’ campaign by DDB Chicago The ad was directed by MJZ's Gillespie and edited by Cut+Run 's Steve Gandolfi, with VFX from Mass Market.

Review: @caff Feels recycled from last year. And it is, in a way.
@Dabitch we totally saw this ad last year with David Abernathy. Is this the re-run bowl? It does not bode well.

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