Super Bowl XLIV Ad Review - Fourth Quarter

Fourth Quarter:
Vizio - :60 spot by Venables, Bell & Partners, SF directed by Wally Pfister and features Beyonce Knowles-Carter.
Review: @caff ok, so this spot totally went off on the whole internet swip-age but, it makes sense for the brand (unlike other SB ads of the night).
@dabitch: UuuuGhhh, if I see Tay Zonday & the numa numa guy again in an ad I'll scream. I like robots tho. Even robot arms.

Diamond Foods - :30 combo spot for Pop Secret and Emerald Nuts by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco introduces the world to the World’s Most Flamboyant dolphin trainer, perched atop a volcano and screaming “Let’s Get Aquatic!”. Drives consumers to a microsite that hosts the Super Bowl spot but also a game and links to the brands’ individual sites.
Review: @caff What?
@Dabitch - Saving money on the super bowl ads AWESOMEST!

Electronic Arts - :30 spot titled "Hell Awaits" by Wieden & Kennedy, Portland and produced by Blur. EA's first SB spot.

Anheuser-Busch - :60 titled "Fence" featuring those beloved Clydesdales
Review: @caff So saccharine, like all the Clydesdale spots.
@Dabitch - We've seen this ad before haven't we? Just featuring some other non-Clydesdale. Weak sauce. A1 sauce would go better with that bull.

Honda - :30 "Squirrel" by RPA of Santa Monica, CA and directed by Andy Hall of Elastic introduces the Accord Crosstour.
Review: @caff The styling is interesting.
@Dabitch I love the style of these animations, I just don't think it's a superbowlian ad.

Denny's - :15 by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco promoting Free Grand Slam
Review: @caff OK, the chicken in space was kinda funny. Could do without the screaming though.
@Dabitch - second the screaming, shades of Bridgestone last year, amitite?

Audi A3 TDI - :60 titled "The Green Police" by Venables, Bell & Partners, SF promoting the A3 TDI diesel with music by Cheap Trick. Read more here about their social media effort that ties into this campaign.
Review: @caff The end made it great. Besides the unfornuate Nazi thing.
@Dabitch Whoah, people in my twitterflow hatedthis ad, thinking it was douchey. So what is diving a Hummer? I wonder if they live in Bizarro-land.

Yum Brands' Taco Bell - :30 by DrafFCB, Orange County featuring Charles Barkley. Kinka Usher of House of Usher directed.
Review: @caff Barkely, please don't try to sing. Please. Please.
@Dabitch is it just me or did that look like it cribbed from BK the whoperrettes, except without all the great? Props for moon-logo reference though.

Doritos - :30 titled "Snack Attack Samurai". Agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners.
Review: @caff Well this follows in the path of the other Doritos spots of the night.

Bud Light - :30 "Book Club"
Review: @caff Ooh, there hasn't been a Bud Light ad that objectified women yet. Oh wait. Here it is.
@Dabitch Remind me to never drink anything from Bud. Oh that's right, I don't. I have taste in beer and advertising.

Hyundai Sonata - :30 Built By Hand
Review: @caff Meh.
@Dabitch NO that's all wrong! You're supposed to make cars Hand built by robots!

E*Trade - :30 "Broker"/"What's Wrong"
Review: @caff Again, really please stop with the babies.
@Dabitch These babies are totally undermining the Focus On Family message. All we want to do now is KILL THE BABIES!

Sketchers Shapeups
Review: @caff deja vu. Oh yea, I saw this in the 1st Quarter.
@Dabitch wtf?

Denny's - :15 Free Grand Slam On your birthday
Review: @caff If I hear another chicken scream...
@Dabitch, in the empty space of the non-creative brain, all you can hear is chickens screaming. :30 titled "News Strip" by GoDaddy Productions (in-house) featuring Danica Patrick.

@Dabitch *groan*

@Caff Well, that's it for this year. Some how it seems appropriate they ended with a Go Daddy spot. Started just as crap as it ended. Here's to hoping for better work next year!

@Dabitch - *cries*, Oh wait, Saints won YEAY PARTY!

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