Super Bowl XLIV Ad Review - Second Quarter

Round two, coming at ya.

Second Quarter:
Budweiser - :60 entitled "Bridge" directed by Paul Middleditch of aWHITELABELproduct for DDB Chicago, with post/VFX from The Mill NY and music out of Elias Arts.
Review: @caff A human bridge? C'mon. Sure that would work. Who needs reality in a Super Bowl ad? Feels like Bud and Bud Light is trying too hard this year.
@Dabitch seriously? That's the funniest script they could think of? Do I need to be drunk on Bud to get it?

Viacom's Paramount Pictures - Shutter Island. Agency: In-House
@Dabitch - I'm so booking tickets right now, Scorsese is gonna scare the crap out of me, yeay!

CBS - Late Show - :15 by in-house
@Dabitch Yaknow, they asked Conan. He said no. I rest my case.

CareerBuilder - :30 spot and one of the winners from hire my TV ad. "Casual Fridays" was directed by Craig Gillespie of MJZ, with music from Beacon Street Studios.
Review: @caff Pantless causal Fridays, definitely nothing to bother HR.
@Dabitch The script isn't totally original, but it's well put together.

Dockers - :30 by DraftFCB with agency OMD's Ignition Factory directed by Biscuit's Noam Murro. Titled “Men Without Pants”, the song “I Wear No Pants," written by L.A. band the Poxy Boggards.
Review: @caff Meh. Pantless men aren't that edgy. (I also like the placement of the two pantless spots back to back. Someone is laughing).
@Dabitch I'm overdressed for this ad break. *strips*

Hyundai - :30 by Innocean Worldwide Americas, Irvine, CA featuring Brett Favre. Directed by Noam Murro of Biscuit Filmworks and with music out of Beacon Street.
Review: @caff Is there now a requirement to only use Brett Favre in ads playing off on his flip-floppery?
@Dabitch What's with Hyundai being all-over-the place in tone of voice? Are they doing a Brett Favre?

Bud Light - :45 Castaways
Review: @caff Why leave a dessert island you've crashed on when you can party? Sure sign of a good time...m'kay.
@Dabitch Because airplane crashes are hilarious. Look it up.

Unilever's Dove Men+Care - :45 "Manthem" by Oglivy & Mather with “William Tell Overture” music score.
Review: @caff Not too bad. Not amazing. But decent. (although another internet theft possibly lifted from the mom song posted here)
@Dabitch KGB should have run theirs, would have been funny. Back to back. Haha.

Dodge Charger - :60 by Wieden & Kennedy and directed by Mark Romanek of Anonymous.
Review: @caff Ok, so this is a bit more "car ad" we're used to seeing for the Super Bowl. But, enough with the gender battle. C'mon.
@Dabitch Those poor emasculated men can't have that car because I'm driving it. Neener! Love the car and that engine roar, hate the gender-war positioning.

Teleflora - :30 by in-house agency, Fire Station features Don Rickles as the voice of the "sarcastically witty and wilted" flowers-in-a-box. Produced by Go Film and directed by Tim Hamilton.
Review: @caff Again, meh.
@Dabitch, didn't we see this ad last year? What is this re-run superbowl? Are clients being way safe?

Papa John's - :30 aired during 2 minute warning featuring founder John Schnatter and was shot during the Pro Bowl.
Review: @caff Really? Pretty lame spot but hey, low production value. Just like all their others.

Walt Disney Pictures - :30 by in-house for "Alice in Wonderland"

Dr Pepper Snapple Group - Dr Pepper Cherry - :30 (at the 2 minute warning before half-time) by Deutsch, Los Angeles featuring Gene Simmons and the rest of KISS singing "Calling Dr. Love". Directed by Paul Hunter of Prettybird, Santa Monica, and edited by David Chechel and Jay Nelson of Cut+Run, with VFX from D Train Effects.
Review: @caff So a play on words about a little kiss. I didn't see this coming a mile away. Punned to death!
@Dabitch - Sorry, I was in the loo. No, really. That was so missable.

TruTV - :30 sec - :30 by Grey (near the two-minute warning) features Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Review: @caff Shame it's already after Groundhogs Day by the time it aired.
@Dabitch so many layers of wtf in here.

Universal Orlando - :30 by in-house for the Harry Potter The Wizarding World at Universal Orlando opens this spring

FLO TV - :30 titled "Injury Report" featuring sports commentator Jim Nantz giving a play-by-play on a guy shopping with his girlfriend.
Review: @caff So, how many ads playing off gender wars shall we see tonight?
@Dabitch I wonder where the clients spine is.

Intel - :30 titled "Lunchroom"
Review: @caff Cute, but meh on Super Bowl level. Made me think of Marvin...was that intended? ;) geektastic.
@Dabitch aaaw, Marvin. Didn't do much for me, and I love robots.

FLO TV - :30 titled "Moments" is a contemporary remix by of The Who’s “My Generation”.
Review: @caff A bit too long...could have been a :30. I stopped caring half way through. Cut it down and be 2x as good.
@dabitch The who totally sells out.

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