Super Bowl XLIV Ad Review - Third Quarter

Third Quarter:
Walt Disney Pictures - :30 by in-house for Prince of Persia

Motorola - :30 by new roster agency Anomaly featuring Megan Fox and new Motoblur phone.
Review: @caff Stupid. But whatever. I thought Megan Fox was so last year. Then again, I'm not the demo.
@Dabitch I am. I TOTALLY want a phone that can take wide-angle full figure X-ray through bubbles and bathtub pictures at only arms length, and send them to all my pals just by me *thinking* that I will. That's not what it does though, is it?

Volkswagen - :30 titled "Punch Dub" by Deutsch, LA. Cameo by Tracy Morgan and Stevie Wonder. Directed by Frank Todaro of Moxie Pictures and edited by Russell Icke of The Whitehouse.
Review: @caff Cute. Told a good story. My favorite of the ad-pod.
@Dabitch when I was a kid we called this Slug Bug. Punch Dub is a hilarious update on the name as well!

Denny's - :30 by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco featuring (Muppet) chickens
Review: @caff The thing that bugs me about this campaign is that it's way to focused on the chickens.
@Dabitch won't somebody think of the chickens?

Michelob Ultra - :30 featuring Lance Armstrong
Review: @caff I'm sick of Lance. Sorry.
@Dabitch He works out. He stays healthy. He wins. He beats the crap out of cancer. He drinks wussy beer.

HomeAway - :30 by Publicis in the West features Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo. Directed by Bryan Buckley of Hungry Man.
Review: @caff Decent. They could have pushed it farther though. Leveraged Chevy a bit more.
@Dabitch they could also have replaced Beverly with a paper-cut out and saved some money.

Bridgestone - :30 titled "Your tires or your life" by Richards Group, Dallas (first break) - in the future, wet planet, tires are very important.
Review: @caff How Mad Max of them. I think I liked their other spot better.
@Dabitch *groan*

kgb - :30 titled "Sumo" by agency Brooklyn Brothers, NY and directed by Kinka Usher from House of Usher and VFX from A52.
Review: @caff They have better ads that have already run that would have been better.
@Dabitch it would have been hilarious had their Mom Song on the Superbowl, it would have been the first super bowl badlander, doing the same as Dove for men.

Coca-Cola - :30 titled "Sleepwalker" by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland. Directed by Garth Davis of Anonymous and edited by Kirk Baxter of Rock Paper Scissors, with visual effects from MPC. Music: Ravel's Boléro
Review: @caff At least epic in it's cinemotograhpy. And ties to the positioning, sort of.
@Dabitch Zzzzzzzzzzz. I'm sorry, there is no Happiness Machine love spark here.

E-Trade - :30 titled "Excuses" by Grey New York and directed by John J. Budion of Click 3X.
Review: @caff Someone please give them a new campaign and kill the babies!
@Dabitch Die you freaky talking babies DIE.

U.S. Census Bureau - :30 titled "Snapshot of America" featuring Ed Begley Jr. by DraftFBC, NY and directed by Christopher Guest of Go Film.
Review: @caff OK. With the comedians in it, it should have been funnier. Nice try.
@Dabitch Was that the ad? That was it? Way too understated.

Google - :30 titled "Parisian Love"
Review: @caff Again with the old ads. C'mon people. Still, it tells a story by using the product. And in an usual way. Points.
@Dabitch Aright, Google, we know that you're new at this but you're supposed to show us a FRESH NEW AD on advertising christmas. This is like unwrapping the paper and finding your brothers hand-me downs. I'm gonna need therapy again, thanks a LOT.

Kia Sorento - :60 by David & Goliath, Los Angeles titled "Joyride Dream" for new 2011 Sorento crossover. Features Sock Monkey, Muno (from the popular kids show Yo Gabba Gabba!), Robot, Teddy and MR. X (Blabla dolls collection) and was directed by Carl Erik Rinsch of RSA Films and edited by Paul Martinez of Arcade, with Asylum serving as VFX house.

Review: @caff Ok, this is better. I love the sockmonkey getting a tattoo. Still, not sure how it couldn't be for any car brand.
@Dabitch the stitch-on-tat saved the ad.

Select 55 - :15 touting the world's lightest beer has only 55 calories.
Review: @caff L-A-M-E.
@Dabitch They forgot to answer the most important question: DOES IT GET YOU DRUNK?

NFL - :60 by Grey showing the best fans on the planet
Review: @caff Did it have to be so long? Way too drawn out.
@Dabitch This was an ad? I confused it with the game. Works for fans then I bet.

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