Adgrunt addicts - Welcome to the Mardi Gras of advertising. Yes it is the Superbowl time of year - and we all know what that means...

Claymore has been toiling away in his secret underground lair, and still is, to give you: The Bestest and Mostest Superbowl Commercial Collection Ever - currently running pert'near every single darn ad shown during the Superbowls from the year 1983 until 2003.

Oh yes, we're working on getting the current Superbowl spots online as well. Meanwhile, get reacquainted with the older gems in the tour down this memory lane.

In the future, when this article and banner fall off the front page - use the link in the members - adgrunts box on the left called "Superbowl Archive".


wooohooo! Looking great! I like the bowl graphic :)

Super bowl ad Make me ill . I worked for frito lay inc ... the money spend on superbowl ad. could have bought a small town! not to say givin us workers a rase

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