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SUPERBOWL SPOT: 2012 Honda CR-V: "Matthew's Day Off" Extended.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and drive an affordable crossover sedan, you miss it."

Welcome to cynical Advertising 101. Pander to GEN X by stoking the nostalgia flames. Too bad the car doesn't fit the demographic. How is living a little akin to driving around in a glorified minivan?

Beyond showcasing the all new CR-V we are never given a reason to drive it over any other car out there. Borrowed interest isn't really a USP. Call us old-fashioned.

Instead we get a rehash of Matthew Broderick 'calling in sick' so he can drive around L.A. pretending to be a character in a movie he made a few decades ago.

Most Ironic line: "People are depending on me. Movies bring so much joy." Oh rly? Last Matthew Broderick movie anyone cared about was Project X.

One funny moment was the sly "I am the Walrus" reference. Beyond that?
Just more of the same.

Oh, and Broderick should fire his make up artist.

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