Svedka - the blogging Vodka

Svedka vodka is being ultra hip as they blog their culty stuff over at, they tout it as: "your latest source in adult entertainment. Explore our voyeristic playground that uncovers the underground side of pop culture you won't read elsewhere.".
That does sound sexy doesn't it? Well, right now it's pretty tame and nowhere near the mythical Swedish standard of free sex and lots of nudity. Really, it's just a way to infuse a personality in the Svedka vodka. Their press release says it's 'branded entertainment':

"Our intention for is to be one of the first branded weblogs to get it right," says Guillaume Cuvelier, managing director of Svedka. "This is not about banner ads, but about bringing our brand's point of view and perspective on the world to life through branded content."
The company said that the main difference between GardenOfSweden .com and other sponsored weblogs is its "faithfulness to being a forum between the brand and consumers - not an advertising tool in disguise."

The Svedka vodka is actually made in Sweden, which is the only real Swedish thing about this whole brand.
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