Swat that Bug!

Now this bugs me. And it bugs adgrunt Errol who brought this to my attention -

"I actually saw this ad in a community/family paper, three months before i read Campaign Brief Asia." he says about the first campaign - and the second makes him ask; "Now who copied who?... was it just a mere coincidence?... I'm sure there are ads out there which have tried the upside down trick routine too."


I look at this ads in awe, not because they are such massively similar coincidences (are they - what do you think?) but because, frankly, I think the upside-down idea is a little .... only almost there.

It's not quite making me turn the page and go "aha - upside-down bug - killed by "sender" in now bottom right hand corner". Something should encourage me to turn it (the ad) upside down. Maybe the second execution is better. Two teams coming up with this very simple visual idea at the same time? That could happen, I think. It's the "first idea is so good it's been before" phenomena.

What do you think (comment-button-call!)

Spotted:was profiled in Campaign Brief Asia issue #142001 Agency: Euro RSCG Singapore Client: RidsectInsecticides Writer: Derek Chia Art Director:Derek Chia Photo: Hock Kee (Test Shot)

Spotted: seen in the latest issue of Archive magazine (vol 2-2001)

Agency: DM9 DDB, Sau Paulo Client: SBP AD: Clovis Marchetti Writer: Andrea Siqueira Photo: Manolo Moran

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