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Swedish Cow Parade lost some cattle.

On the news in Sweden.

Someone kidnapped one of the cows from the ongoing Cow Parade in Stockholm. The cows have paraded through major cities like Seattle, New York and Berlin without harm, that is until they reached Stockholm.

Text from the kidnappers website:
"We, the members of The Militant Graffiti Artists of Stockholm feel morally obligated to protect our city against the Cows that have invaded our streets.

The cows are Not Art. That these cows are presented as Public Art is the biggest fraud. Advertisements can never be art.
(

Freedom of Expression doesn’t belong to the average person anymore, only to those who have the money to buy a billboard or in this case, a cow that serves the same purpose as a billboard.

We believe Freedom of Expression is threatened. Challenging the legitimacy of the of the cows in order to defend Freedom of Expression is the duty of every citizen.

We have taken a hostage. We demand that the cows be declared Non-Art and that all the cows, before 12:00 August 23rd, leave our streets. We also demand walls where we Stockholmers can paint and practice our freedom of expression.

If our demands are not met, the hostage will be sacrificed. Vandalism and artistic justice will be administered."

The kidnappers website: We got the cow.

More information about the Cow Parade: The Official Cow Parade website, About the cow parade in Sweden (In swedish):

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Utterly Hilarious.

Extra points for the (perhaps unintended) irony of bitching about "ad-cows are not art" on an pop-up ad supported website. Try again.

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Yup, that + Swedish spelling mistakes = credibility null points.

even though I really do fancy their idea, I hate those cows.

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I have nothing about the cows and I think that the teenagers with spelling-and-reading disabilities that done this stunt should re-think the terror-activism though the cows was supposed to be auctioned and the money was meant to BRIS, a organization which is giving children the possibility to talk to someone...

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Dagens Nyheter reported today that the cow has been slaughtered. On Monday the Cow Parade project people received cow-bits in a bag..... The rest of Dagens Nyheters article sounds like a press release for Cow Parade itself, so apparantly, no clues on whoddunit...