T-Mobile / Deutsche Telekom sues Telia Sonera over the color Magenta


T-Mobile / Deutsche Telekom sues Telia Sonera over the color Magenta


Deutsche Telekom have been doing this for a while - that's why there's a reclaim magenta petition out there and an all pink photogroup on flickr for those of you who'd like to join the protests. But when T-mobile stayed down south before mainly concerned with German and Dutch companies, they're now going after another telco - namely Sweden's (and now Denmark's) hot pink Telia. At least in this suit both companies are actually providing the same service, however the magenta's aren't quite the same.....

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I was a Telia customer when I lived in Sweden, and now I'm a loyal Telia customer here in Denmark, so I hope they kick T-Mobile's ass.  :-)I mean really, this just takes the crazy trademark issue to an even stupider level.  Next Bush will try to trademark red, white, and blue, and make Britain and France (not to mention Norway and Iceland) change the colors of their flags. 

UPS owns brown!

Anyway, I'll root for T-mobile because look at the phones! - or wow, even better the houses all pink neon. Love it.

The phone is cool, but can you fit it in your pocket?  And he house is cool too, but I wouldn't want to live there.As for UPS, they can keep brown, yuck! 

I hereby claim the colour purple. It's in my name (well, nickname) and I have it on many many blogs, email accounts, etc.

Yes, it sounds as silly as claims for Magenta do...

Surely Pantone should sue someone?

Just to be sure, you're claiming the colour purple - I will claim the color purple.

You can have it for the British speakers (and spellers), and I'll have it for the American speakers and spellers. :-)


"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

I'll take el color purpúreo, and claim Latin America.  :-)

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