Is there a word for wondering if there's a word for something?

"The guy who wrote this"goes on a rant about hating advertising

My eyes magically replace the word “consumer” on every brief I get with the word “people”. Just so I remember who the hell it is I’m actually talking to.

The Grumpy Brit retorts to "Why you should reevaluate your agency right now":

What drives successful marketing is informed creativity. Creativity happens when clients and agencies share risk and responsibility in an open, equal relationship.

Is there a word for wondering if there's a word for something? - no but there's a LOL cat macro for it.

The Denver Egotist thinks that the problem with the Swedish anti-drinking ads is that it shows people having a hell of a great time.

AdFreak found this gem of a strip-club ad "No need for gender testing!"

That's a reference to South African sprinter Caster Semenya, who underwent gender tests after winning the women's 800 meters at track's world championships in August. (The tests determined that Semenya has both male and female sexual characteristics.) Not surprisingly, the billboard drew complaints, at which Teazers owner Lolly Jackson scoffed at length. He first said the Semenya situation was "the furthest thing from my mind" when he made the ad. Then he added: "I do not want anyone coming here [to Teazers] with the idea that we do not have women. We have women, 100 percent women here. I did a test on them, I am a professional, and they are 100 percent women."

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