THEY challenges you: a brief should be brief can you answer it in 140 chars?

Amsterdam ad agency THEY are seeking interns who understands that a brief should... you know... be brief - and the best ideas can be briefly explained as well. So they set up a twitter-challenge, @TweetaBrief where they've tweeted out 140 char briefs and creatives can respond either with tweets or DM's.

The winning intern gets 6 months paid internship at THEY Amsterdam, and better still: "the winning intern will live in this neighborhood Plantage Muidergracht". OOoh, fancy. I hope they don't mean in the dodgy half-sunken boat on the left there.

There's only 24 hours left on this, answer one of these briefs for a chance to win!

TweetaBrief01: How to get young university students interested in a pension plan?

TweetaBrief02: How to persuade price-consiious hotel owners to replace their linen with #fairtrade cotton?

TweetaBrief03: How to motivate #lateadopter 55+ to start using smartphones?

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Where all the briefs??? I see only a few. Not much interest?

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There are three, in the post, and you are supposed to answer them.