"Think different" making a comeback? And sexist pants.

MacRumors reports (via Patently Apple) that Apple has filed for a new trademark on 11/30/09 relating to the "Think Different" slogan.

While the application follows close on the heels of a renewal of an earlier trademark issued for the slogan and could conceivably simply be related to Apple looking to preserve its long-standing trademark, the report notes that Apple's new application specifically extends coverage of the trademark to music players such as the iPod and other electronic devices that could conceivably include a future tablet device.

Watch one of the ads Think Different Seinfeld ads from 1999.

Also, a new Dockers campaign is causing a bit of a fuss reports NY Daily News. A few are calling the "Man-ifesto" campaign sexist.

"Just because the Dockers ads are tongue in cheek does not mean that they're not sexist," wrote WalletPop.com blogger Jami Bernard in a recent post. "It's one thing to encourage men to man up, another to tell them to 'wear the pants' - an expression that taps directly into the old question, 'Who wears the pants in the family?'"
Walletpop.com's Bernard feels the Dockers' ads "take an unnecessary snipe at gay men through the use of common wink-wink stereotypes. According to Dockers, a real man doesn't eat at salad bars or order nonfat lattes."
TV commercials will begin in February, with Dockers ads returning to the Super Bowl after an eight-year hiatus, according to The Times.

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