Thinkgeek offers "Angry Bird Porkrinds"

Thinkgeek's research and development department never cease to amaze, they've invented and gathered new items that all make life easier for geeks. Angry Birds fans rejoice, you've played the game, you've watched the ads, you're exited about the full length feature film - now you can also eat the branded snack! Green pork rinds!
New items in the Thinkgeek catalogue today are Angry Bird Pork Rinds, the Playmobile Apple Store Playset, Saber-lickin' good Star Wars Lightsaber Popsicles, the genius invention a.k.a the shirt plate which allows you to keep your hands on your controllers, and the Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal so that you can file important documents where they belong. Out of sight. Get your geek on.

April Fools. :)

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