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Thrill-seekers watch TV? Or Go to Playland?

Do people who like adrenalin rushes stay home in the couch? Or ride crazy rides? Here's how to make an entire TV commercial out of a *poster* idea!

Here we have the popular Fox Nascar racing ads. Thrill-seekers react with glee in very dangerous situation. Oh the joy of the dangerous sport. Watch as the man about to be saved from a fire decides to jump to (hopefully) safety instead. See the creepy elevator guy get a kick out of plunging to his death as the wires have snapped. Rub your eyes as the total idiot unfolds his recliner in a tornado.

burning house

creepy elevator dudetornado

Agency: Oddly enough - I can't find that out.I'm slacking. I know.

Team:Eric Silver, Dan Kelleher, Mark Schruntek, Rick Ardito, Steve Doppelt, Grant Smith

Found in: Shots, Adcritic.

Client: Fox sports

Isn't that more or less exactly like those ads a few years back.. Showing a "Playland seasons pass holder" enjoying himself immensely whilst the rest of the passenger on say..oh I know, lets say an airplane for instance, while it's crashing! Or say - hitching a ride with some crash test dummies.. Yes folks, it's the exact idea you see above, except these were made earlier and smarter - they fit in print. They are well executed. They make most people at least smirk, and the ones with thrill-seeking streaks think.. "You know, and amusement park ain't such a bad idea..". I have a hard time understanding why a couch-potato-kind of activity - such as watching racing - is being targeted to those who like adrenalin rushes. On playland however - this strategy fits like a glove.


Agency Palmer Jarvis DDB Vancouver Creative team: Ian Grais, Allan Russel Client: Playland.

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anyone know where i can find the commercial for playland, the one that is set in the airplane? a friend of mine was in that commercial


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I give you the "Airplane" print ad - it's pretty good. But the "Test Dummy" ad is contrived - it would have been better to have a guy in an elevator where the cables snapped or something.

In all the Nascar commercials a thrill seeker takes advantage of the predicament they find themselves in - same as Playland "Airplane." But in "Test Dummy" the thrill seeker has looked for the predicament - it's different. It seems like Nascar is a tighter campaign - Test Dummy is a little off center.

If they could come up with more than just one example of an idea i would say there might be a case of shenanigans, but a one-off poster idea in Canada isn't a campaign.