Tiny billboards get mini-Badlanded.

Smart tiny billboard
Little Big Planet

Tiny billboards. Seen 'em. They're very cute. Sometimes they even make sense for the client. Even Andy and Joe have a wee one in their portfolio. The first billboard shown here is the most recent, for Smart cars - "small is beautiful", from BBDO, Toronto, Canada. Very adorable. aaaw. Back in 2008 Deutsch/LA did tiny billboards for "Little Big Planet". Also very cute. My favorite though is Johan Van Oeckel's work for Antwerpen Miniatuurstad (miniature city) back in 2006 - he didn't just have tiny billboards but also tiny ad trucks driving around the streets. Win!

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ahah remind me these http://goo.gl/kG5DK and these http://goo.gl/6tPZk
Also I remember one for Austin Powers with "Mini Me" as a mini poster... but I can't find it

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Hahaha, the small flying banners you show reminded me of Eichborns real flying banners - on flies. We could probably do this forever, mate.