'tis International Talk like a gentleman o' fortune tide day. That is, talk like a pirate day.

Hello! `Tis International Talk like a sea dog tide again. Fer th' past six voyages, we`ve amused ourselves (on accoun' o' we be so easily amused) wi' changin' th' site ever' this tide ever' voyage t' talk like a sea dog. I be shoutin' like a mutinous reef monkey at my own prank. This will be the last year we pull this stunt.

It's a bit difficult to pull off, see, and this year you can only see that the words have changed to pirate-talk in the retweets & comments, but not in the posts. The site has simply grown too large for full-on pirate. Oh nay! What a shame! Ya scurvy dog who ortin' t' be keel hauled!

Still, We have LOTS of pirate ads to make up for it. Our favorite combines pirate and John Cleese for extra AAaararrr there matey.

With thanks t' all th' adgrunt swashbucklers who be havin' honored this tide wi' us in th' past. Especially Caff our avast ye scurvy dogs pirate curator goddess. May yer future travels always be fruitful.

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Here's a screenshot of some of the piraty' retweet/comments today cut together. The Talk Like a Pirate-gag on the site will not return next year. Its been fun, yall.