The Toilet Book - student portfolios invading a cubicle near you

Akos Papp and Laszlo Szloboda are two students graduated from Miami Ad School who paid careful attention to the targeted media classes. They want work, and they want it now, In New York City of all places, so they snuck in to their favorite agencies to leave copies of their portfolio where their target market - top creative directors - would be a captive audience.

Since top creatives are quite busy people they have no time to look at the hundreds of junior books they receive. Not at their desks at least. However there are five minutes in their day when they are alone and would read almost anything; on the toilet.

This is what the actual book looked like, and this is what it looked like when they snuck into cubicles everywhere to place it. What, no executive washrooms? For shame.

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What about the ladies' rooms?