Toyota, Volkswagen & now Ikea

The same idea sells two different cars on two sides of the pond. American Toyota versus British Volkswagen - now updated with a cherry Canadian Ikea on top. Bo-yah!

Toyota - "The purse" - (2002) :30 (USA)

This ad appeared in 2002 back in the USA.

Volkswagen - "Jogging Husband"

Volkswagen - "Jogging Husband" - (2003) :30 (UK)

Aired first in the UK on May 19th, 2003.


Airdate January 11, 2006, Canada. Super adgrunts click to view.

This badlander was originally posted here, March 22, 2005, with only the two car adverts.

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The VW ad was one of a series with the slogan "No, we haven't got the price wrong". The premise behind all of them is: the customer thinks the VW dealer put the wrong price on the car, and thinks he's getting away with cheating the dealer, but is nervous about being found out. It's a very British set of circumstances revolving around a touch of everyday dishonesty and the fear of embarrassment.
This one is probably the least readily understandable of the lot - it assumes you've seen the others in the series. The jogger isn't afraid the dealer will take the car back; he's afraid of being confronted and, incidentally, being made to pay the "right" price.

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The Volkswagon one seemed a little disjointed to me... the tag line didn't really seem to fit with the ad.

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Someone explain the VW spot.

The husband was trying to hide from the VW guy because he thought VW was gonna take the car back? Please tell me that's not it.

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You got it - that's it.

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