A Trio of Cannes 2011 Cyber Grand Prix Winners

R/GA New York's Pay With a Tweet for Innovative Thunder won them Grand Prix in the Viral Advertising category.
Associate Creative Director: Leif Abraham, Christian Behrendt
Programmer: Alexander Milde
Pay with a Tweet is the first social payment system, where people pay with the value of their social network. We launched Pay With A Tweet with the release of our book "Oh My God What Happened And What Should I Do?". It’s simple, people who have something to sell simply add the Pay With A Tweet button to their site, and people simply click on the button and tweet about the product. They are then able to download it: a book, album, or whatever. What began as a promotion became a whole new way to trade content online.

Google Creative Lab with Chris Milk of Radical Media and Mr Doob with B-Reel for Arcade Fire's The Wilderness Downtown in the Publications & Media category showing off what can be done with html5. Sweet.

Google released a new Chrome Experiment in partnership with the band Arcade Fire titled “The Wilderness Downtown” which acted as both an interactive music video for the band and a chance to demonstrate the emerging power of the HTML5 programming technology. By drawing on data from Google Maps and Google Streetview, The Wilderness Downtown integrated visuals of the viewer’s childhood home into the narrative, creating a unique, emotional experience. Spread across multiple browser windows that opened and closed as the experienced progressed, The Wilderness Downtown redrew our understanding of how the web (and the music video) can makes us feel.

Grand Prix for Procter & Gamble's Old Spice Body Wash as Best Digitally Led Integrated Campaign from Wieden + Kennedy, Portland. Yeah, yeah, take that fake shocked look off your face. ;) Check out our Q&A with the creative team here.

Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman, Mark Fitzloff
Global Executive Interactive Creative Director: Iain Tait
Creative Director/Director/Copywriter/Art Director: Jason Bagley, Eric Baldwin
Copywriter/Art Director/Director: Craig Allen, Eric Kallman
Interactive Producer: Ann-Marie Harbour
Digital Strategy/Community Manager: Dean McBeth
Digital Strategy: Josh Millrod
Group Planning Director: Britton Taylor
Account Director: Jessica Monsey
Account Supervisor: Diana Gonzalez
Management Supervisor: Michael Dalton
Developer: John Cohoon , Trent Johnson
Interactive Studio Artist: Matthew Carroll
Executive Producer: Emily Fincher at Don't Act Big
Line Producer: Bernadette Spear at Don't Act Big
“The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” television spot was a huge success, but we wanted to engage with fans on a deeper, more intimate level. We thus created an interactive experience in which our Old Spice Guy personally responded to fans on the Internet in real time. Instead of using traditional paid media, we leveraged social platforms including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter—ultimately creating an effort that would become one of fastest-growing and most popular interactive campaigns in history.

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