Trivia Chain game - Round three!

Round three, the final round, of the trivia game, a chance to show off your adgrunt skills, impress everyone with your ad trivia and win a 20-pack of Jewelboxings! Last weeks winner was Claymore - congrats to our resident rhyming poet.

Ask a question about advertising that contains the answer to the previous question. Simple as that.
We'll pick a post and send them a Jewelboxing 20pack free of charge.

Watch out for wrong answers! And remember, rhyming isn't a requirement but if you wanna go nuts, by all means..... Go nuts!

Ready? Lets go! We'll start the chain off here....

1. According to their latest tagline, how does the Eureka company live and breathe?

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2. Animator Hal Mason created the image of Mr. Clean for Procter and Gamble in 1958. What other famous advertising character did Mr. Mason create?

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Your turn! Go, Go, Go!

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Pillsbury Dough Boy was another gem of Hal Mason
Who made his living working for Walter Lantz, animating illustrated creations.
In the 1950s a cartoon legend Tex Avery joined their team
And created a Bandito for Frito's - not the Mexican Anti-Defamation Committee's dream-
When in 1969 they forced Frito Lay's executives to reevaluate the campaign,
Who was the famous voice actor we heard when the Frito Bandito sang, before the end of his reign?

brandonbarr's picture

Mel Blanc was also the voice of a rabbit too,
the one that teamed up with Jordan in 1992.
In that commercial Bugs was bugged by 4 men.
They had 8 arms in all, but how many armbands?

Dabitch's picture

Two! And one player even sports a tattoo
remember an ad where a bottle would have an affect
religious folks objected and said they'd reject
that devilish brew due to the ad heroes tattoo
What did it read, and what was the brew?

MajorAsshole's picture

It read 666 the number of the beast, the bottle was Smirnoff, fit for a feast.
Devildemons played football, and our soccer heroes near greased
in a film where special effects were spared, not in the least
Eric Cantona, then footballs high priest
kicked the winning goal, from which agency was this ad released?

AnonymousCoward's picture

Wieden & Kennedy released that ad
showing good will always defeat bad
speaking of nike and film sets not plush
who directed the tournament which was labeled hush hush?

Dabitch's picture

(sing to Kids in America)

'twas the Bud, 'twas the Bud, the Bud light in America
Everybody the King of beer it crowned

Bud lights the naming rights fight
EU wants the Czech one
Finland is the battleground
The finns on the US beer they frowned

Hot-shot, Bud wins the world-cup rights
Footiefans drink anything, they'll say never mind
Who won the foodfight, life is never kind

Kind hearts don't make a new story
Kind hearts don't grab any glory

brandonbarr's picture

McDonalds will give the World Cup its sausage,
much to bratwurst-loving Germany's chagrin.
But now they can complain in their own language--
how does Mickey D's new German tagline begin?

junyr's picture

((Hint: I'm not sure, but it could be "Mac your day" or "Ich Liebe Es" or something else. Freebie if you can confirm.))

Dabitch's picture

(sing to Trio Da Da Da)

Ich liebe es, ich ess mich dick
Ich liebe es, ich ess mich dick
Ich liebe es, ich ess mich dick
Ich liebe es, ich ess mich dick

What you will and what you won't
What you do and what you don't
What you can and what you can't
This is what you need to know:
Learn adtricks on which radio show?

caffeinegoddess's picture

The Advertising show
Tells you what you should know
And once had our Adland admin mistress
As a guest no less.
But do you know that our famed dame
Shall be a judge for a contest where the aim
Is for you to create something high-techy for which newish eclectic magazine-
its first ever animated or live-action commercial to show off their scene.

AnonymousCoward's picture

Though I'm not in the bizz, I swear I'm no perv,
I know that the magazine is Maissoneuve (ouch).
One of their sponsors brings to my mind trombones,
because of a number I think of their tones.
and this good firm's work is not diahrrea,
they did a display for what thing from Korea? (double ouch)

(Hope I did that right, I can't resist trivia!)

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I don't drive a Hyundai,
but a Honda instead.
Though that's not to say
that their cars can't, um...shred.
Now, speaking of shredding,
let's go back to two wheels
and land on a helmet that claims
"It's your head." (ing?)

alex's picture

Your head and your helmet
are two different places
but that campaign
made Boeri aces.
Now which famous authors
got their writing legs
with "naughty but nice"
and "go to work on an egg"?

AnonymousCoward's picture

I'd like to teach the word to quiz
in perfect harmony

I'd like to say, the answer is
Fay Weldon and Salman Rushdie.

I'd like to pose another link
In this crafty chain

So tell me who spilled Cinzano on
Joan Collins on a plane.

alex's picture

Leonard Rossiter was the chap
who spilled the drink on Joanie's lap.

But which drink's classy name
was almost killed by our Lorraine?

AnonymousCoward's picture

I don't know about everyone else but I'm stumped...


More clues?

alex's picture

It's cheating really but I'll tell you for now
you're chasing an ad by Vernon Howe.

caffeinegoddess's picture

Vernon Howe worked with Terry Howard's script for Campari
And in the 80s, Howard was a Creative Director at London's Ayer Barker
At London's Ayer Barker overseeing the famed Salman Rushdie
And young copywriter star who started at Allen Brady & Marsh to launch his carrer
Has become a Creative Director for which London ad agency?

AnonymousCoward's picture

As she told the guy with the suit on

Lorraine Chase didn't come from Paradise, she came from Luton

Campari regretted that ad for years and years

Maybe they should try again...with Britney Spears?

Everyone knows Beyonce and Britney did an advert for Pepsi

But which booze did Jay-Z plug with a shout of "NA ZDROWIE"?

AnonymousCoward's picture

ignore the above

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London's TBWA minus the B
was a different sort of entity.

& another famed copywriter was the one
whose firm was their agency in 1971.

Of course, it'd be too easy just to ask her name.
At what age did she join the Copywriter's Hall of Fame?

caffeinegoddess's picture

Inducted at the age of seventy-two
Is the answer to the question poised by you
Which is the same year that a renowned ad guy
Was honored with the same award- I tell no lie.
The agency he started bears his name in full
And it recently lost what account featuring an ad icon, but not a bull.

brandonbarr's picture

Major props for tracking down the elusive name,
but you listed the age for the wrong Hall of Fame.
She was seventy-two when she joined the Advertising Hall.
But she was a much younger member of the Copywriter's Hall.

caffeinegoddess's picture

My mistake is plain to see
I read it wrong - or just plain forgot- you see
The true answer is really age forty years of age
When she was a honored to be an ad sage.
A revision of the next question is in order
So I'll give it another go - and make it harder
In 1998 when Wells, Rich, Greene BDDP closed its doors
A man by the name of Moss, one of WRG's great creative directors
Started his own creative shop with who else there?

AnonymousCoward's picture

It was Stan Dragoti who left with Moss
To toddle off and become their own boss

Mr Dragoti, would later aspire
To make a film about a travelling vampire.

But who played the count in this strange movie?
Clue: he plugged Sizzle $ Stir alongside Mr T!

brandonbarr's picture

It's George Hamilton.
And the chain is done.


Dabitch's picture

I'm sad to see it go - it was fun y'all... Real fun!

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