Update on the ad ban in São Paulo

You can read an article from David Evan Harris in adbusters here São Paulo: A City Without Ads My favorite part is Clearchannel getting burned:

One sore loser in the battle was Clear Channel Communications. Having recently entered the Brazilian market, the corporation was purchasing a Brazilian subsidiary as well as the rights to a large share of the city’s billboard market. Weeks before the ban took effect, Clear Channel launched a counter-campaign in support of outdoor ads, with desperate slogans that failed to resonate with the masses: “There’s a new movie on all the billboards – what billboards? Outdoor media is culture.”

Also under the adbusters link, Bob Garfield interviewed Vinicius Galvao, a reporter for Folha de São Paulo, Brazil’s largest newspaper, about São Paulo’s ban on visual pollution.

Any of our Brazilian adgrunts have any input on this? What is it like over there now? Blissfully clean, visually?

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