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The Usain Durex Olympic ad was never an actual ad, just FYI.

Yes, I know that I posted it too with the headline Durex win the Olympics - in the cheeky headline event, but in that very post I wrote: If this ad is for real, and Walesonline says it is..., expressing my own personal doubts to its veracity while showing the source for the image. Well the source WalesOnlines journo used was "some guy on twitter" and the actual poster is a photoshop job for the fauxolympics as hosted by thedrum.co.uk. Granted the "guy on twitter" was a PR professional, but still.

Quoting The Drum who know of what they speaketh, as they started this mess:

Yesterday we launched the Fauxlympics, a way to help brands and agencies discover what will and will not be allowed by LOCOG, and to test our knowledge on the restrictions.
So far, we have received six entries (three of them sex related), as well as several people getting in touch with queries, and we want to share the quality of work received so far....

It's a fun idea to test the brand-limits within the Olympic legal-mine-field, but what's even more interesting now is how the fauxolympics fib has become headline news on Adweek's Adfreak today, making Drum's little game a real headache for the Olympian brand protectors. Dan & Simon from DMS are now world famous, yet not. Woo!

I'll cut myself another slice of humble pie for posting that ad without seeing it was from The Drum. I like pie.

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