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The V Pompakour thing - ladder parkour - is taking the web by storm.

Last week when I first saw the V energy ad I got dizzy and fell of my chair. Now Stop Press has a bit on the ladder crazy ex-Cirque de Soleil stuntmen who actually do this stuff. A lot of the web chatter about the new sport depicted in the ad centers on wether its real or not, even the wikipedia page on "pomparkour" is recommended for speedy deletion and the talk pages say: "please don't add Hoaxes to the wikipedia". I was fully expecting reportings on Kiwi-kids trying this at home and decapitating themselves by now, as the ad doesn't warn "don't try this at home".
Colenso are fully aware that they usually are skirting make-believe territory with V, but insist that this sport is not a hoax. Colenso’s past work for V has, as group account director Angela Watson says, “blurred the lines between the real world and the fake world”.

Watson says the agency heard about a few local guys who have worked with Cirque de Soleil in the past and, most recently, were employed as stuntmen on the Power Rangers show that was being filmed in Auckland and were pursuing a rather strange and seemingly fairly dangerous leisure activity that’s been labelled ‘Pomparkour’, which is basically a combination of using hooked ladders to climb buildings (the French art of Pompier) and urban exploration (the French art of Parkour), with a few special tricks thrown in there.

To go with the Pomparkour video, which has gone world-wide viral quite fast, there's a " fully-kitted out with Facetweetubebo capacity" community site at V Republic / Isokinetic ladders. Coming soon, adshels and print.

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