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Vertical football times two - Carlsberg vs Adidas.

You remember the Adidas "vertical football" poster from from TBWA Japan in 2004, right? See BBC news - Japan turns football on its head. It won two Gold Lions at Cannes and picked up a Grand Clio back then and was written up pretty much everywhere. It was an ad that wowed people not just in the street below but pretty much all over the world - the vertical football later became vertical soccer when they played it on a poster in Times Square New York. Yeah, you remember it, I knew you would. To think that Carlsberg in Poland doesn't, as they just did the exact same thing. The balls of these guys aye? (Movies inside folks!)

Adidas, vertical football (or soccer if you prefer) in Japan, 2004.

Carlsberg, Vertical football, Poland, 2008.

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I love how the Polish/Carlsberg footage pans away to show that nobody cares and the ground below is empty. :)

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My god, that is just painful to watch. Whereas Adidas went to great length to make the outer area of the board as dull as possible to focus your attention... this is just FOOBAR, regardless of the fact that it is called stealing.

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Agree with You, I'm from Poland, and I think it was pour comparing to Japanise. http://www.blog.mediafun.pl/index.php/2008/06/09/noga-w-miescie/ there You can find sth more about Carlsberg action, but in Polish ;).

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Thanks for that link dagrosso, helped to see some still shots of it as well - even if I can't read Polish.