A very Painful rendition of Donna Summer's hit

Adgrunt JLB here tipped me to this one, a project so painful he'd rather quit than do it. I agree with him 100%. What could possible be that bad you say? .... Well, don't say I didn't warn ya...

Brand New Telly Mindshare's rendition of "She works hard for her money"

Once you reach the site, it'll read in Dutch: "To view the film you may choose speed below". Just click on broadband and off you go.

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Michael Bay could only dream of shooting a train wreck of this size and scope.


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Shit. I always wondered what they were really doing up there on the 15th floor...

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That's not just bad; that's groin crushingly bad.

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Oh my god, Holy shit...I am so ashamed of my fellow countrymen.
I thought that they anly do that kind shit in the US.
....commits hari kiri!

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A litle birdie jusst told me that this ..this... thing (aah, the HORROR!) has made it all the way into the Dutch ad tradepress a.k.a Adformatie - where the CEO of Mindshare expresses how pleased he is with this, and states that he is thinking of sending it in for the media awards, as best media stunt. Seriously.

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