Victoria Milan campaign for "Cheaters dating site" not banned

This is under "banned" though, surprise, it wasn't! When the Norwegian 'dating' company Victoria Milan launched in the Swedish market advertising "make life exiting, have an affair" it was quickly dubbed the "cheaters site" and had people talking everywhere. Swedes, mostly known for topless sunbathing and bikini teams around the world (I know that makes no sense) were all shocked by the idea, and a whopping 206 individual complaints arrived at RO (The advertising ombudsmans) offices demanding that the campaign be stopped for moral reasons as it encouraged infidelity.

The RO wrote in their decision that advertising content is so closely linked to the web site's purpose and mission, that it is the product itself being advertised. "Since the RO board can not consider the service as such it is not possible to criticize the various advertising units content." These are the same people who slapped Lavazza pin-up stewardess ad because she was wearing the pilots shirt - but that ad was selling espresso, not a dating site for cheaters.

In May this year, a competing 'cheating site' from Canada called Ashley Madison launched on the Swedish market. Am I the only one who finds naming these sites after women totally illogical? What if your wife finds the receipts or wonders "Who is this Ashley that keeps leaving you messages?"

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