Viral of the week: Simpsons Avatar

Create your own Simpsons avatar has proven so much fun that it seems everyone is doing it. We can't be any worse now can we? :) Here's yours truly, at least three heads shorter than the rest of yous and with a super-cool noooclear T-shirt. What does your Simpsons Avatar look like?. Go ahead, upload yours in comments.

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Intuitively yours:

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Here's me... a fairly close lookalike to what I *wish* I looked like!

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Hello there. I wore the wrong shoes for these pants today. Totally clashing.

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Not sure how happy I am with this version of me...

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I like that beard!

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No comment.

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I've found my new avatar.

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And this is me, the buzzing bee! Looks pretty good, huh?

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Hmmm... That was ok, but I think these South Park avatars are a lot more "life-like"...

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You're right, this looks a lot more like me.

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Nah, I prefer the Simpsons avatars. They are more dorkey (if that's an English word)...

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These are disturbingly accurate.

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I think there is something else I should be doing but these are fun. :)

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