Volvo for life documentary with 'Shark-girl' and Greta the jockey

After the success with their mystery of Dalarö concoction, Volvo has launched another movie site. Fuel Europe called upon documentary maker Lance Bangs to film people using the new Volvo models.
BrandRepublic quotes Tim Ellis, the global advertising director at Volvo:

"The starting point of this campaign was the starting point of Volvo: 'Cars are driven by people.' In exploring this concept, the more we spoke to people about real life inside their cars, the more we understood just how powerful, important and intimate that experience can be."

The first pair driving off into the sunset in a Volvo XC 70 are Bethany Hamilton and US jockey Greta Kuntzweiler. Both girls have suffered serious sporting injuries, Greta broke her back once and Bethany was mistaken for a sea turtle and had her entire arm ripped off by a shark.
Hard to tell why Volvo chose these girls for their test-drive documentary, to juxtapose how safe they are in the car compared to how dangerous their respective sports can be? Or perhaps it was just to insure that internet rubberneckers slow down at the site and check out the documentary that flaunt Volvo features such as the built in headset for the phone, the GPS system etcetera.
The girls drive, and chat, and drive some more only to try and surf a little at the end. Spoiler alert: jockey Greta manages to stand on her surf board for a full second at the end, and surfer girl Bethany still moves like she was born on a board. There is not much else to it, really.
The web documentary "Life on Board" can be seen here, this campaign will be supported with TV commercials. Another film in the series features the new V70 estate and Chris Gardner, one of the most successful stockbrokers on Wall Street who was once homeless, chatting to psychologist Dr Richard Wiseman.

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I have to honest... The girly film is NOT the best by far, but seeing all four of those films. Well, I think this site is fantastic!!!

Strong contender for the GP cyperlion i Cannes.

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Turns out you were right cosmonaut. So, when do we meet up for that brew I owe you now? ;)