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Web Press 1999 about adlist from about.com

Office.com wrote an Article about ripped off ads, interviewed ad-list members, talked about Adland and some ads here.

About.com, links adland from various places, and even Adlist has gotten press! Online press is still press, if the source is up to par. Rick Turoczy from about.com wrote a nice piece about adlist which I quote in it's entirety here, as a screendump of about.com's entire homepage would take far to long to load. After reading this I suddenly understood why adlist got so many new members banging on the door to get in.....*laff*.....

AdList: A+ Dateline: 04/29/99 I subscribe to a number of e-mail lists. Some I follow to make sure that I stay on top of all the happenings in the advertising world. Some I just read for entertainment. In all my searching for good advertising resources, however, few can rival the AdList for pure, unbridled advertising discussion. AdList features a tight community of advertising faithful who are not shy about voicing their opinion or their disgust with happenings in the industry. Any advertising topic is game, from the sexism inherent in advertisements to the ill effects of the industry. Hosted and moderated by "Dabitch," the list remains a closed community available only to those deemed worthy of participating. Lurking is frowned upon and is often met with expulsion. (The AdList is about advertising and discussion, not research.) Unlike some industry lists, this one teems with compelling discussion. I rarely allow threads to go to the trash unread (as I am wont to do with a number of the other lists). The chit-chat gets so lively, many members seem compelled to reply. This causes topics to meander and grow--rather than digress--into interesting and informative views on the world that advertising created. Need more on what to expect? From the AdList site: What we talk about on this list:

  • Advertising, the creation, production and such. New Campaigns, which may be brilliant or not, and why. Strategy (marketing that is). Design, exhibitions, new companies, Seminars, lectures and such, about the communications business. Agency Politics, or how agency employees would like things done. Advertising Anything about it really, including gossip. Laws, advertising restrictions, i.e. on tobacco advertising and such, and what is the effect of them.

The most impressive thing about the AdList is its dedication to the world of offline advertising. There are more "online" advertising discussions than you can shake a stick at, but AdList doesn't follow that trend. Try to discuss online topics and you're likely to get booted. If you're looking for an advertising discussion that entertains AND informs--and that does that exceptionally well--look to the AdList. It's the best of the bunch. If you think you're worthy, drop an e-mail to Dabitch with a short description of yourself and ask to be added. If you're like me, you won't regret it.

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