What is it?

it is everything you've ever wanted.

I found this very strange, but fairly witty webpage from a banner ad on Yahoo!. It appears in just a few short hours we will find out what "it" is. It is amazing just how little coverage this viral is getting (i.e. none, that I have found). There is also a list of at least fifty things "it" is/does at the bottom of the page.

The highlight however is the 6 funny videos which appear to make fun of many other company's campaigns ("What it does").

I have already tryed looking up the whois info and there is none. What do the adgrunts think "it" is?

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I too have run across the What Is It campaign. What Is It television spots have been running here in Indianapolis for a few days now. My guess... a German-engineered car with an MP3 player and in-dash DVD player, complete with an engine so hot it can cook meals with the precision of a gourmet chef. Probably not, I know, but whatever it is, the advertising agency (BBDO) has done a great job of creating buzz about it, if only in your mind and mine (like you, I have been underwhlemed by the coverage of this campaign).

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I'm thinking it might be a site redesign of eBay

Agency.com owns the domain (they have ebay as a client), and the logo color scheme seems similar

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"It" is ebay.

TV spots here in the US.

Probably little more than a relaunch/ redesign of the monoply auction site.

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Yes, Ebay. Why didn't I think of that? But the commericals are still pretty good. And who doesn't love more annoying ebay ads? I am still holding out a shred of hope for something better.

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It says right down in the lower left corner of the TV spots "

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How about IT is what Ebay will do with Skype. IT is an acronym for internet telephony.

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And I alwys thought that the answer to the question "Do you know what it is?" was "The Matrix." :o/