What type are you? And which types will live happily ever after?

At extensis typecaster you can mix and match your fonts to see who might hit it off in a little TV show thingie - and try and suss out which font you are. No matter how many times I took the quiz, I ended up stencil. Ack! This thing would have been so much better if there was a choice of non-insulting fonts as the characters. Ok, fess up, who here got Comic Sans as their type? Anyone? Bueller? Hahaha *points and laughs* I'm only doing that to make me feel better. I mean, sheesh, I got STENCIL man!

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Allan1's picture

I also got STENCIL, and I tried to be very honest about it. I think I'll try a few more times, and try to force a different font to come up.


The only font I was unable to get was AMERICAN TYPEWRITER. I'm sure that I missed a couple dozen permutations, though. STENCIL came up time and again, as did COMIC SANS and HELVETICA.

alex's picture

Well, since I got American Typewriter, I can only assume you're lacking in style, culture, panache and general good looks. Never mind, we can't all be like that. ;)

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American Typewriter. Could be worse.

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American typewriter would have been perfect for me! We should date. I'll be wearing combat fatigues and hoping you know a thing or two about bomb-making.

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Well, I did have a small incident with a chemistry set once.

adlib's picture

Papyrus!? I loathe Papyrus! Damn this test to hell!

caffeinegoddess's picture

Stencil. Boo. I question the validity of this test.

Dabitch's picture

I question the font choices. Could they be more bland/hated/common? We're individuals dammit! Also:

Allan1's picture

When asked, "What's your type?", I usually answer "ELITE"! (very old joke)

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Well, I tried to be honest too (as honest as possible when none of the choices are right, anyway), and.... ta da! Stencil!

I haven't studied bomb-making much, but I do know how to kill somebody with a ball-point pen...

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I am Helvetica. I wear all black and live in a minimalist apartment.