Who blogs? Women do!

Since there is a such a hype about advertising on blogs lately, with strange inventions like Marqui who pay bloggers to blog about Marqui (I did not get paid to blog that) I thought you might be interested in some blog-statistics. Yes I know, torture the numbers long enough and they'll admit to anything, but I find this valid.

Females are more likely than males to create blogs, accounting for 56.0% of hosted blogs. Note however "This analysis does not cover nonhosted blogs - blogs that individuals maintain on their own servers using their own tools. Such blogs require more work to set up and will be characteristically different than those blogs created using hosting services." in other words they did not count us, Zeldman or Kottke even, but rather the hosted blogs readily available at Livejournal, Blogspot, Typepad and the likes. ;)

If more females than males blog, is it likely there are more female readers of blogs? Should people who are considering advertising on blogs (communities) like blogspot etc take this into account?

Hat tip for the stats goes to Chadie

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