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Who wants to be an ad-blog editor?

Craigslist has a job opening: Ad Industry WebBlog Seeks Intelligent and Witty Blog-Master.
"Newly launched Blog about the Advertising Industry is seeking a full-time Blog-Master. The ideal candidate possesses exemplary interpersonal and communication skills (especially written), and is actively involved in the Advertising Industry. We are looking for someone with editorial experience, who can be a smart, funny writer to set the tone of the Blog. You should be familiar with all aspects of creating and managing a Blog, including how to fully integrate Audio and Video into the Blog. "

Which blog is it you might wonder? Do we really need yet another adblog? And does one get paid? Newly launched and all. Hmmmm. All gossip signs point to this being the brainchild of Jeremy Wright from Ensight.org who's busy building a clone of the other big blog-media networks (Gawker Inc Weblogs Inc). Do we need more blog-networks? I didn't get the memo.
I reckon that at some point selling oneself on being "a blog on X or Y", instead of the more concise selling point "advertising media reporting" or "latest gadget gossip" is gonna bite people in the ass.

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Nevermind another "blog network", another ad blog? There's 175 listed in the advertising links and I know that there are more out there already. Soon there will be as many adblogs as there are people who read them!

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See, us adblogs have more flavas than Baskin' Robbins but there is only one that was the first one. heehee. ;)

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May I guess the pay? 4 United states dollars per post.
I'm basing this assumption on the leaked Weblogs INC contract that spilled out on the web via the accidental hedonist who considered writing for a food blog.
The thing that really gets to me about that is that these "Blog media networks" who spawn blogs on every topic seem to all value many short post-bursts over quality posts, and this becomes quite obvious in the paying scheme of Weblogs Inc. I read blogs as they filter out the advertising news that is interesting so that I don't have to keep up with the Adages, adweeks, Award shows, Brandweeks and general gossip around the ad-world all by myself. I don't have the time! Any blog that posts everything from all of the above is not doing it's job - as I see it - properly. Filter the news to a nicely distilled drink for me please, and tell me something that the other large outlets don't know once in a while.

Oh wait, I just described Adland to the T. This is why you are still the one and only. All IMHO of course.Speaking of Weblogs INC, didn't they offer to buy the domain adrag.com?

Dabitch's picture

Nope. The way you phrase it implies that they offered a sum of money for it. Jason simply asked if he could buy it since he fancied the snappy sounding name (no money mentioned), to which I responded with a hearty "hahaha", because really - do I look that dumb?

deeped's picture

Craigslist is welcome to buy me :)

Dabitch's picture

Craigslist? You slut.

(and read that one more time, J. Calacanis/Weblogs inc did not ask to buy this site, or anything like that, they wanted a domain name only. Our domain name. Just to make sure no stupid rumors start spreading here. ;))

deeped's picture

I do anything for the dough... And I'm darned tired on small-scaled conceptualizing :)

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Isn't this the kind of crap The Mining Company (now known as About.com) tried to do back in the late 90s? More bog than blog?

How fresh.

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hehehe, lets hope we don't see that many ads on the blogs networks as the about.com network became famous for. I recall an owl flying across the about.com pages once, scaring the bejeezus out of me. Never went back ever since.

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As a note, this has nothing to do with me. I'd never heard of this before :)