Why America is fucked (graphically, that is)

Aaron Draplin has a bit of a problem, he loves design a little too much, like so many talented designers out there. He loves it so hard he'll drunk-buy old motel signs and cry a little at their destruction. Hand on your heart, all designers, art directors, typographers, illustrators and yes, even copywriters out there. Haven't we all collected retro ketchup wrappers, flea market postcards, old key-chains, random empty boxes (yes that's mine) and thingie-mah-bobs just because they are a little piece of design pretty? I feel for Aaron Draplin, I really do, and I too weep a little at the destruction of our design history. I might even swear as much and use Futura in the titles. Check draplin.com for more.

(pssst - check The LA signs for some signs in Los Angeles still standing today)

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