why two bucks? (as in €)

the community is free - the commercials are extra.

Hey, this is me, Dabitch (as seen above with the server, acme). I decided to rewrite this completley to avoid any misunderstandings.

All ad-news articles, all Badland articles, all forum messages here are free. Being an adgrunt is free. The community is free.

Access to the commercial-archive - including the 27 years of superbowl commercials - however, isn't. Serving more than thirtythousand ads is very costly for me in bandwidth alone (nevermind hardware!) and after shelling out the sum of decent 17 inch screen every month, since 1999, for the bandwidth from my own personal pocket, I decided in 2002 that it would be better if we all shared the cost.

If several thousand people like the site, then several thousand people can chip in for the sites cost, making it really cheap for all of us! (Instead of a burdon on me alone.. Get it?)
And it will save all of us from selling off our privacy to advertisers and spilling banners all over the place! No ads, No pop-ups, No paid news placements and no sneaky email harvesting for money tactics. All logged in adgrunts live in banner-free heaven. I really hate all that stuff - and I suspect you do too. Sound cool?

The deal: when you want to watch commercials, you - logged in as an adgrunt -

simply hit the donate buttons, either the one on your userpage, or the one that is located on the right hand side of the front page. Use a Credit Card in our payment system that is handled by a real bank. It will upgrade the adgrunt user account that you just paid from.

2 Euros = 30 days. If you pay 4 Euros, it'll be 60 days, ... and so on.

The donation is not a reoccuring charge - you decide when to donate, you decide how much, and you push the button to do so. You are in control.
Have a one month taster, and if you like what you see you can buy a years worth for only 24 buckaroos!

We'll continue to add ads to the archive, fueled by beer and bravery [remember, we don't get a penny for our efforts, the two bucks is reserved to pay for the bandwidth].

Quicktime 6 plays all the films of this site. Quicktime is the only plug in you'll ever need here. Make sure you have a fully working copy installed, else you won't be able to view the films. Watch some of the Badland (available to all) films to see if your Quicktime can handle our commercials.

the neato advantages and rules:

1) if everyone adds a little bit to the bandwidth bill, it'll be cheap for all of us! Great!

2) the ones who can't be bothered to donate anything, don't clog the lines of the site. Wehey! Bonus!

the FAQ describes how to sign up - It also answers such pressing questions like: "How do I download?" and "Where do I pay?" and so on. You should read it if you have any questions, as they are all answered there.

Also, take a quick gander at the disclaimer and TOS as you are legally bound by it. Paying two Euros and then trying to download the entire site at once with some sort of site-dowloader/bot is a no-go for instance... There is no wayh the server will let you anyway, be nice and just watch the ads instead.

If the concept of chipping in for your bandwidth usage is against your religion or simply not your thing (*wink*) - we suggest you surf the ad commercial links out of here . Thank you.

If you feel that a monthly donation of two dollars is entirely too rich for your blood, we highly recommend Adcritic.com at only $99.95/yr.


Friday, June 18, 2004 Secure Credit Card now in place
Monday, June 28, 2004 Paypal will not be back

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Well, I paid it, and I still get no access. Is this another oneof those scams?????

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Never mind! Working now.

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isn't it

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Yes it is. People confuse the

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wanted to watch the reebok commercial for the new Vector sneaker but i went to reeboks site and watched it for free. HA two dollars. Give into the british..NEVERRRR!

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Congratulations, NFLNINJA. Your resolve and skill are absolutely remarkable and we here at Adland salute you for your unfathomable talents using the Internet. Tony Blair would be proud, especially if this site were UK-based.

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Don't worry NFLNINJA. Commercials are like crack. You'll be back. And you'll gladly pay the two bucks for that advertising fix!

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Well, someone who doesn't see the difference in value between 1 single commercial and 18,000 commercials in a sorted by brand and searchable database order, stretching as far back as 1958 - simply ain't the target market. ;))

adgrunts have special needs, one single ad wont cut it. ;))

I didn't get the UK thing either... Mebbe he took a wrong turn somewhere. Or mebbe, he confused the Danish flag on the front page with the Saint George flag of England.

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Just visited your site. Nice! Saw yuor pic and thought "Hmmm, she looks hot!" Keep taking good care of your baby!

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woot! can't wait for PayPal to stop being such a hassle for you guys so I can watch to my hearts content :)

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i have to agree...beauty of a site...first time in a long time i've been dying to get rid of $2...

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I'm trying to be a SUPER adgrunt, ...but it asks for, what looks like 2 cents..!!?? What is that??? Uhhh, ...how much do these folks want a month? And, how does one "enlist"..??

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