Win the Epica Videos!

Here we go again - I asked Maureen Lynch and Andrew Rawlins over the Epica Awards if they might have an extra annual lying around - and they don't - they can never print enough of them it seems because everybody wants one, but they did send something even better.( Don't forget, deadline for entry in the Epica's is the 29th!)

The Epica 99 shortlist collection and the Best Of the Epica awards video! The "best of" contains nuggest of gold such as the 1987 Courage Best Bitter , Tony Kaye's "Furry Friends" and other classic ads down memory lane - and the Epica 99 has 90 minutes of the best ads from around europe! To win this lottery you need to be a user, if you are a user, you have already bought a ticket, if you aren't, sign up now! And don't keep this a secret - thats not fair - tell a friend.

The Epica-Awards, as if you didn't know, are held once a year, deadlines for submissions are the 29th of september (Hurry!! They might make an exception if you tell them *now*) and the award ceremony is held in January - this year it will be in Helsinki. Both of these videos are PAL, the system favoured in Europe and Japan. If you live in the US you normally play NTSC tapes - but fear not , most videorecorders nowadays can actually play both systems, if your VCR is a new one, it might handle it. Slipping the tapes to a post-production company to transfer to NTSC on your agencies bill could also work - but I'm getting ahead of myself here, after all the winners might be in europe.

If you have any suggestions on who I should pursue next, or better yet, If you would like to donate a book or something - email me. As always - you could live on the moon and I'd still send you your prize.
No longwinded forms to fill in and no special country to be a resident in. It's the world wide web, lets hug! ((( HUG! ))) I'm such a sap.

Come November 1st I'll draw a random number and see which user has it - and email you if you have won. :) oooh,wait! ..the fine print - You can only win one video at a time. So you'll either get the 99 or the best of, not both! Better two winners than one.

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