Win Luke Sullivan's Book

I can't believe I'm giving this away, it looks so much better than mine - which I accidently dropped in the bath while reading it - a crisp clean paperback of "Hey Whipple Squeeze this" kindly donated by Luke Sullivan the chief good guy over at Westwayne. But yes I'm giving it way, in the tradition of the user-lottery, if you are a user, you have already bought a ticket, if you aren't, sign up now. And don't keep this a secret, tell a friend!

Hey whipple is a at times hysterically funny book, the kind you want to lie in the bath and giggle at although I don't recommend this. An excerpt from the book is in the read section, and has been there since way-back in 98 when Luke had just put the finishing touches to it. My favorite part is where he draws a Nike ad with his left hand just to hammer home a point. " A highly polished ad won't hold a candle to a great idea." Amen to that. Perhaps you'd like a collegue that hasn't quite grasped these things to have a copy? Ask them to sign up. :) There's also a great chapter on our forgotten friends the radio-ads that will help anyone who is stuck while writing one.

So, come Friday the Thirteenth (cue scary music) I'll draw a random number and find out who the winner is. Don't fret, there are a few silly booby-prizes as well.

Oh, and another time-honored tradition has begun. This book is signed as well. Who will donate a book next - if you have any suggestions on who I should pursue - email me. As usual around here, I'll mail the book anywhere on the planet - you don't need to be a resident anywhere in particular to get your prize. When signing up you don't give me your adress, I contact the winners via email to ask where it should be sent.