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Win the signed KesselsKramer book!

Before the server-crash there was news about the KK book, after the booklaunch party, and where it was sold, like at Kesselskramerforsale.com. Visitors didn't want to buy their own though, they wanted the one I had, because it is signed, well good news kiddo's, I got another book! Signed! And this one has your name on it! Kinda.

Two weeks ago when KesselsKramer had their release party for their book, I reported this here: "Adland managed to get a copy at the releaseparty on Friday night. When exclaiming "is it signed!?" Erik Kessels responded by grabbing the nearest marker and scribbling the text you see inside the front cover. So, yes, we guess Adland's copy is signed then."

Adgrunts quickly commented that they wanted the signed book, they wanted some kind of lottery, anything, a competition, whatever, as long as they could get their hands on that book.
Well, I spoke to Onno at KK and arranged to get another book, again signed! And as a bonus, five silly KK gadgets for the ones who come close to winning, but no hand rolled cuban smoking material.
So whats the deal then? Simple. Draw a cartoon! (I'm not going to ask you to make some kind of ad, we do that all day). A one frame cartoon that is related to the bizarre world of advertising. I don't care if you draw stick figures on a napkin as long as it is funny. You can do a complicated illustrator or flash job if that is what you want, you can do anything you please! A photo-comic if you like! (good time to abuse/use that office-polaroid) The catch is:
It has to be able to be sent over the web, so whatever you do, change it to a gif or jpeg, no larger than 600*400 pixels (or 400*600 if you want it viewed that way). It has to be a one-frame-comic. (ie:image in combination with text, you know what I mean). It has to be about advertising. It could be one of those hilarious comments your collegue manages to blurt out at the wrong time in meetings. It could be an observation. It could be silly. It could be sarcastic. The tricky part is, you gotta make me laugh. :)
And not just me, when the deadline draws near, I will publish all of the comics on Adland, and let the users vote for the best one. The one with the most votes wins. The second third and other runners ups still get a KK toy mailed to them, anywhere in the world.
You must allow your work to be republished by me here at Adland (and here only) in any way I goddam please. If you have a link to offer with it, add that in the mail and I will link your work to your site as well.
Yes I know, someone with a lot of friends might rig the system by asking all his pals to vote for his work, but I will arrange so that any given IP can vote only once a day. It's not an ideal system perhaps, but I think it is better than if I was the only judge. You got nothing to loose and everything to gain, so c'mon, get cracking, mail your images to Dabitch as soon as you make them. And yes, for the overachievers, you may enter more than once.
The deadline for sending images will be august 20. I will put them up on the site august 21st. Voting will continue until september, then we will know who won. I plan to do this again, future competitions included prizes from agencies around the world. watch this space....

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