Wired dubs George Masters homebrew ad as the future of advertising.

Wired: HomeBrew ipod ad opens eyes.

To some experts, Masters' ad heralds the future of advertising. Homemade ads will play a big part in marketing, just like blogging is shaking up the news. Masters quietly posted the spot to his site a few weeks ago. It received moderate traffic until it was picked up by several blogs last week. In a matter of days, the ad has been watched more than 37,000 times, and is making the rounds on blogs and e-mail.

For some digit context, note that the top ad of the viral chart has been viewed 49900 over the likes of a few months. Not bad for a home made ad then.
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News media outlets are starting to pick up on this thing - Steve Rubel's gonna be on CNBC to talk about it in an hour.

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He's very good at PR, considering he's only been blogging since .. what April this year?
They might want to call someone who's been reporting about this sort of thing for almost five years but acts far too humble. Guess who.

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HA! you know, I'm going to hold you to remember AdLands birthday now, and you better get it a present!

(or are you just kissing ass for a free upgrade you sneaky bugger?)
Besides he was in the Wired article. Do'h.

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damn. It backfired.
What do you buy a website that has everything anyway?

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ooh oooh, is there any place we might catch CNBC (that show / Streamed or something) on the web? :)