Wired: Vote for the Sexiest Geeks of 2007

So, Researcher nominated me to the gender-unbiased third annual Wired News Sexiest Geeks contest - and since my ex-bf (who is a proper true wizard all hail his mighty strong kung fu übergeek) just emailed me with a laugh saying "guess who I'm voting for!", I thought, what the hell - I might as well tell you all that I'm on that list.  

Vote for the Sexiest Geeks of 2007 - my red mop of curly hair doesn't show up until page three (tee hee hee) and it's not the best of pictures, but wehey, I've got seventeen votes (I'm guessing that my mom must have found the list).

Won't you humor me with one more? I'll let you look at my brass blowtorch if you do. And I might even let you touch my scooter. But only if you wash your hands first and wear gloves.

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Well, you got my vote even though another one of the Geeks is an old friend of mine. But I won't tell her if you won't. ;-)

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@Tod: as i reckon you can vote for more than one :)

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Those Vespas are sexy as hell. Where do I vote for them?

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Haha! I'm considering selling the one that I'm on actually. Fancy a Primavera from 1968?

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Consider it sold. I'll take the train over to you and pick it up at your convenience. :-)

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I've just had it repaired and it'll break my heart to part with it but it's a few years until I'm allowed to give baby a ride on it (or never if you ask dad), still it'll take mucho dinero to convince me. ;)

tod.brody's picture

You know, I told you that I have two in NY, and I really miss my GS150. I'd love to have one here. So if you ever get to the point where you really want to sell it, I'll come up with mucho dinero. I wasn't supposed to give my boys rides on mine until they were seven. But I cheated. My little one got a ride around a high school parking lot when he was four, and then once I did that I gave them both rides all the time. I know, I'm a bad father and I should have been severely punished. :-)

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You can vote for more than one geek on the site. However, do not try to vote for the same geek twice - at least in one session. I tried, and it just subtracts the vote. So, I voted for Dabitch 3 times in a row, in order to have 1 vote register.

I just double-checked, and you cannot vote for the same geek twice, at least from the same computer! (So I've voted for Dabitch 5 times now - only 1 registered). I have not yet tried using a different computer/node.

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