Women's legs banned from outdoor ads in Moldovan capital

In the Moldovan captial, Chisinau, authorities have ordered billboards using the image of a woman's legs to advertising pantyhose to be removed.

Acting mayor Vasily Ursu said earlier that showing women’s legs on billboards was contrary to the standards of ethics and advised designers to look for a more creative solution than just capturing bare legs.
Ursu, however, said: "If you show me similar billboards in other cities, I may let them be used again."

You can see the image of the "offensive" legs at the link above.

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You know what? I think that Mayor has got a point, I mean how totally unoriginal and creatively uninspired is it to show a woman's legs on billboards to advertise pantihose / tights?

I think it'd be good to start a competition here and let other AdGrunts come up with some ideas for Moldovan pantihose manufacturers to advertise their products on billboards!

My starter for ten:

Set inside a bank, tellers looking shocked, other customers staring on as well.
In mid / foreground, two burly guys: shaved heads, broken noses, dressed in black, carrying guns (yeah, I know, very stereotypical) running out of bank wearing......... wait for it........
.......pantihose on their heads.
Caption something like, "XXXX pantihose, also great for legs", or "They look even better on legs"

Maybe that would get past the Moldovan authorities..............
OK, so I've had too much of a Xmas break, I think I need a lie down now............. :)