WonderBra vs PushUp bra!

Ah - how do we describe the product advantage..? I know! We'll show them!


Client: Wonderbra

Agency:Hunt Lascaris/TBWA Sandton.

AD and CW: Anton Crone


No need for a headline, just them funky 3D-glasses. Trust me, they really do work... The glasses I mean!

Client: Triumph

Agency: I really dunno, but it's Dutch (or belgian?)

AD: Don't Know CW: dunno either

Headline: Gift for him.... Gift for me.. (geez...blunt copy..*bohring*)

This ad insert did feature a pair of 3D glasses and more pages of 3D lingerie. It was Flair.

Is this a case of 'lets rip off last years (96) most talked about ad' or were they just plain ignorant???? (Yeah, OK, maybe they don't pour over the trade-press daily - how weird!) In any case, it's no good......

A case of overusing new media solutions rather than really thinking of a good campaignable idea. The Wonderbra one fits in their campaign...The Belgian version was their campaign. *sigh*

Shame they ripped off a good idea and made it bad..again. *sigh* Could we like hire some creative creatives for once? Please?

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