Wrigley says it's suspending ad campaigns featuring Chris Brown after Rihanna assault

Wrigley's has officially suspended their Doublemint gum ad campaign featuring Chris Brown. What went through this guys head? You're dating one of the most famous ladies on the planet, Rihanna, and you're on your way to the Grammy Awards with her, then suddenly beating Rihanna isn't enough so you threaten to kill her? Not the guy you want dancing around with packets of gum or on Sesame street right now, clearly. Which may explain why Wrigley were so lightning fast in removing his ads from the air.

Wrigley says it's suspending ad campaigns featuring Chris Brown as its spokesman for Doublemint gum.

The company stopped short of saying they will drop the troubled R&B star completely.

A company statement expresses concern about what it calls "serious allegations made against Chris Brown." He was arrested Sunday night for an alleged battery on a woman, and canceled his Grammy performance.

Wrigely said it would suspend any current advertising or any related marketing until the situation is resolved, adding that the 19-year-old should be "afforded the same due process as any citizen."

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