x-box banned ad still viral.

Lots of people were passing the banned x-box advert around via mail - to the point that some figured it was pure viral.

But it did actually air in the uk, and the 136 complaints echoed in news reports across yahoo , BBC news and even stirred up a good discussion/ thread at metafilter.

boards magazine shows fred & farids film "champagne" here in QT format you know.... The soundtrack really should be heard to get it..... The cracking of teeth bit is a bit creepy.

In this simple story line, a boy is born, shoots out the window, flies across the skies as he matures, and crash lands in his grave. Badabing!

I had the same reaction as someone's point was at MeFi - if life is short why shall I waste it gaming? (then again, I do...)

worth banning or not guys and gals?

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Worth banning? Hell no.

This ad was amazing because it took the time-worn idea of "cradle to the grave" and gave it some teeth. Life is short indeed; how many of us have gone thru life like that guy in the ad - flying thru it and not enjoying it?

This is what good advertising does - get's the product noticed, with something that sticks to your brain. Kudos to XBOX for having balls to go with the ad.

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looking back at this four year old article, it hits me how ahead (for lack of a better word) F&F were. Not only did they spread this online, they flashed the banned card too. Clever buggers. :)

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I am more offended by goverment ad's that treat the public like we are stupid, or ads about religion that tell me I'm going to die if I don't do what they say, this is nothing. People should work on banning stuff that really matters.

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Obviously, what really matters is different for different people.