Young Creatives Winners in Cannes 2005

Sweden, Spain,, Brazil and Puerto Rican teams took home Gold, Silver Bronze and the cyber award respectivly in the Cannes Young Creatives competition. Below is the flash entry from Massielle Asencio (AD, Leo Burnett), Federico Schenquerman (CW, WING PR) and Antuan Vazquez (AD, Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi). This years brief was from Unesco, and required the ad to encourage people to learn how to read. [how are we going to do that with witty headlines? The target is illiterate! heh.]

From Sweden Gold: Karin Frisell (AD, Forsman & Bodenfors)
and John Bergdhal (CW, Forsman & Bodenfors). The headline reads: "Ink shoudl be used for writing."

From Spain, Silver
Alejandro Peré Caballos (Freelance, Vocento - CMXXI)
Miguel Izco Mutiloa , (CD, Instante Comunicación Vocento - CMXXI)

Brazil Bronze
Caio Cassoli (AD, F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi) and Icaro Doria (CW, Giovanni FCB)

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Young Creatives Winners in Cannes

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