Young Designers Emporium quits spanking ads

The Young Designers Emporium spanking ads in South Africa that caffeinegoddess reported on last month have now been withdrawn by the YDE, after the ads received complaints. The posters got some people so upset that apparently a punter rushed into the YDE shop at The Zone at Rosebank in March and ripped one of these posters in two. The Soul City institute for health and development said that the ads showed society's "silent approval of violence against women".
A manager of YDE in Gauteng however said to News24 that the campaign was withdrawn weeks ago, not because of complaints but because "It's time to introduce a new campaign". Perhaps this is a last minute attempt to gather some saught after word of mouth hype for a bunch of mediocre posters?

News24 reports:

YDE's creator, Paul Simon, defended the spanking ad campaign on group's website, saying it was in line with YDE's "cheeky humour".
"It is a reference to S&M, a game to which both parties agree, which means there is no sexual exploitation.
"People are now confusing sex and violence," he said.

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I ask the question, "If Paul Simon is correct and he defends the spanking ad as a form of "cheeky humor" and is a form of sex or a sex game then why is this ad any more right or wrong than showing two people having intercourse or some other form of foreplay ?"

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As an addendum to the above I feel this ad does not work,
It offends everyone.
1) If you are part of a woman's rights group you will not like
it because it depicts violence against a woman.
2) If you are into the type of conduct that is alluded to it
will offend you for commercializing a preference of yours.
3) Some people of a religious nature may feel it is to
In short, it ticks off everyone.